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Episode # 1—Cherry/Firsts

  • Do you remember how you spent your first paycheck? Where did that money go?
  • Who was your first pinup or idol or hero? How do you feel about them now?
  • Tell of a memory with cherries?

Episode #2—Show Bee

  • What do you imagine Second Life to be like?
  • Have you ever been taken aback by your own reflection? When?
  • You meet your doppelganger in an elevator. They greet you by name. Creepy right? What do you do next?
  • Tell us a memory that contains a bee or bees.

Episode #3—Noir Couples

  • You are about to die in a natural disaster and you must choose one other person to die with. Who would you take? Follow up question: What if you had to spend an eternity with them?
  • Which of these bad mates would you choose if you had to: A mate who helps you do things that are destructive to yourself. A mate you can never please, or a selfish mate who only thinks of his or her self. Explain your choice?

Episode #4—Special Fashion Issue

  • Can you describe a piece of clothing fondly? Do you still wear it?
  • What are your feelings about polyester clothing, or any man-made fibers?

Episode #5—Your Body and You

  • If everyone had to have a tattoo what would yours be and where would you place it?

Episode #6—Food and Violence

  • Tell us a real memory involving food being thrown?
  • Have you ever destroyed food.
  • Who would you like to see in a pie fight?
  • What was your biggest failure in the kitchen?

Episode #7—The Clowns

  • What was your favorite Halloween custume?
  • Have you ever dressed up for comical affect (explain)?
  • Are funny females hot (attractive)?
  • Clowns: Scary or just Sad?

Episode #8—Mothers

  • What song did your mother sing to you? Sing as much as you can of the song (calls only).
  • Did your mother play favorites?
  • Did your mother ever wash your face with spit? Why?

Episode #9—Luck

  • Have you ever had your fortune told by a professional? Where and when? Did you take it to heart?
  • When was your lucky day?
  • Who's the luckiest person you know? Why?

Episode #10—The Grand Illusion

  • Tell of a memory with something artificial or fake: hair, snow, grass, intelligence. etc.
  • Tell of a memory with puppets, smoke or mirrors
  • Recount a time you enjoyed being tricked.
  • Have you ever misdirected anyone (why)?