Noble Rot a fungus affecting grapes benevolently (botrytis) responsible for great sweet wines. Print this list

Zeller, Mosel Shwartz Kat Riesling 2010/
Casillero del Diablo Carmenere 2010—Episode 19

Rotcast rated: Shwartz Kat—65.5 points; Casillero del Diablo—87 points
Reviewed by (Rotwang, #Eleven, #Nine and M24)
Web address: Shwartz (no site), Casillero del Diablo: Casillero del Diablo (annoying flash site)

Stagecoach Vineyard's Palmeri cabernet sauvignon 2007 from Napa Valley—Episode 18

Rotcast rated:82 points.
Reviewed by (Rotwang, #Eleven, and M24)
Web address: (terrible site, next to no info)

Blue Moon Reisling by Bridgeview Winery (Oregon) 2009—Episode 17

Rotcast rated: Blue Moon was rated 79 points
Reviewed by (Rotwang alone (tear))
Web address:

Boutari Santorini from the Greek island of Santorini
(A dry white wine) 2008. And Tenuta della Terre Nere
(A dry red wine from Mount Etna, Italy) —Episode 16

Rotcast rated: Boutari was rated 66. Tenuta della Terre Nere was rated 80 points
Reviewed by (Rotwang, #Nine, and #One)
Web address: distributor for Tenuta della Terre Nere
Boutari On-line

Trumpeter, Cabernet Sauvignon 2007—Episode 15

Rotcast rated: 89
Reviewed by (Rotwang, #Nine, #Eleven)
Web address:

Fat Bastard, Pinot Noir—Episode 14

Rotcast rated: 78
Reviewed by (Rotwang, #Eleven)
Web address:

Cono Sur, Pinot Noir 2008—Episode 13

Rotcast rated: 74
Reviewed by (Rotwang, #Eleven)
Web address:

Middle Sister, Rebel Red—Episode 12

Rotcast rated: 77
Reviewed by (Rotwang, BTwelve and Mom)
Web address:

Mad Dogs and Englishmen—Episode 11

Rotcast rated: 71
Reviewed by (Rotwang and #Eleven)
Web address:

Purple lips and teeth are a status symbol among wine aficionados. — Number Nine, rotcast correspondent

Three Ring, Shiraz—Episode 10

Rotcast rated: 66
Reviewed by (Rotwang and BTwelve)
Web address:

Oracle, Pinotage 2007 —Episode 9

Rotcast rated: 90
Reviewed by (Rotwang and #Nine)
Web address:

Bigaro Rosato—Episode 8

Not Rated
Here is an address for the Elio Perrone Bigaro Rosé

Cockburn's Port—Episode 7

No wine rating.
This show contains outtakes and clips taken from conversations with #Nine.
Web address:

Dan Akroyd’s Pinot Noir—Episode 6

Rotcast rated: 84
Reviewed by (Rotwang and #Eleven)

Big Tattoo—Episode 5

Rotcast rated: 63
Reviewed by (Rotwang and #Eleven)

Black Ankle, Passeggiata 2006—Episode 4

Rotcast rated: 51 (reviewed by Rotwang and #Nine)

I don't like wine, but I like this dessert wine. They say it tastes of apples and peaches. I say that adds up to PEAR. — #Eleven, Rotcast correspondent

McMurray Ranch, Pino Noir—Episode 3

Rotcast rated: 84 (reviewed by Rotwang and #Nine)

Bug Juice, Mascato di Asti by Rinaldi—Episode 2

Rotcast rated: 89 (reviewed by Rotwang and #Eleven)

The village of Asti in the Piedmont region of northern Italy is know for its sweet bubbly wine and the Moscato di Canelli grape.

Le Crema, Pinot Noir 2007—Episode 1

Rotcast rated: 72 (reviewed by Rotwang and #Nine)