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We do not have merchandise yet, but we would like to acknowledge some creative people who do. This also functions as show notes. Where the music comes from etc.

The Juicy Truth music bed for series one is Dizzy Gillespie’s “Then She Stopped”

All shows will use the musical bed “Haunted” by Kim Schutterle|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSnY1G1ZWE

Hey...nice to meet you.
You absolutely may have permission to use it [“Haunted”]. It is actually a little “dirty” and I think I have a better version around (one that has had a little mastering).

I'm not sure if you are interested in anything else...but I have several other songs, also. Just let me know!
Thanks, — K [Kim Schutterle]

Episode 1 —Cherry

Joan Jett‘s “Cherry Bomb”

Tommy James and the Shondells “Sweet Cherry Wine”

Episode 2 —Show Bee

"Honey Bee" by Much Love

Episode 3 —Film Noir

"Film Noir" by Venus Throw

Episode 4 —Special Fashion

Poem: My Shoes by Charles Simic

Episode 6 —Food and Violence

Poem: Frying Trout While Drunk by Lynn Emanuel

Episode 7 —The Clowns

"Where are the Clowns?" by Jacob Doran

Jake Doran

"Clowns Like Candy" by The Solids

Episode 8 —Mothers

Poem: Frying Trout While Drunk by Lynn Emanuel

Episode 9 —Luck

“Me the Mob, and the Music” Tommy James’ Book