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Series 2 Questions

We would like to extend our episodes by adding contributions from listeners. If you see a question below which, reminds you of a personal narrative please write a 250-words-or-less account. Or Call our Skype line "callrotcast" and record your answer to one of the questions below.

Submissions become the property of Rotcast. Keep it clean. We will not use any submission with explicit language. If we deem your submission worthy, we may send you some token. Leave your contact e-mail if you would like to be considered for this gift. (Email information remains confidential. It will not be traded or sold. Only one confirmation e-mail will be sent you.)

Episode # 11—England Swings

What's going on in those convertible sports cars tooling aroung London in the 1960? Do you have a theory? Every been to that blessed land?

Episode #12—Rebel Rebel

I'm no rebel. But maybe you are. When did you get rebelious? Are you a Bowie fan? What do you think of James Dean or Natalie Wood?

Episode #13—Fathers

My dad was exceptionally good at being a dad when I was under his roof. Then we just really didn't have much to do with each other. How'is your relationship with my dad? I mean your dad.

Episode #14—All New Crime Favorites

Who's our favorite mobster? Paul Sorvino, that's who. And he makes a good vodka sauce. Who's your favorite? What!? You have a favorite crime? No you don't need to share that. We don't take confessions.

Episode #15—New York At Night

We are wide open for NY stories. Try to concentrate on places and events. There are rude people everywhere.

Episode #16—Volcanoes

You don't need to talk about actual volcanoes. You could have a passion "hot as lava". Or...been near an explosion of one type or another. Maybe you won the science fair. Maybe you've tour Greece. Maybe you know how to reach Atlantis.

Episode #17—All Blue

No we don't want your sob stories. But maybe you've got a surfing tale or maybe you've had a true blue friend. Blue is very versatile.

Episode #18—Cowboys

Can you yodel? Know any cowboy songs? Time to Cowboy-Up and send us a story.

Episode #19—Patronus (Animal Follies)

Stories about animals. Were you ever saved or protected by your pet?

Episode #20—House Nice

What's your ideal house feature? Wine cooler?