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Episode #10

AbumartShow2The Grand Illusion

We will now try to entertain you with a few feats of magic, legerdemain, hanky panky, and side-arm snookery.

Guest: dead movie director and wine pitchman Orson Welles

Wine reviewed: Three Ring Shiraz

Episode #9

AbumartShow2 Luck

This show is a bit different. No Dead Air interviews. But there is an audio-play about Tommy James and the Shondells and their label Roulette Records. Think: the Archies meet Martin Scorsese?

Wine reviewed: Oracle, Pinotage 2007

Episode #8

AbumartShow2 Mothers

I love ’em! Exclusive—hear my mother sing! Then I grill her for her choice in lullabies...ungrateful whelp.

Guest: dead musician/composer Frank Zappa

Another dessert wine reviewed: Elio Perrone Bigaro Rosato (muscato/brachetto rosé, Italian)

Episode #7

AbumartShow2The Clowns

Clowns are hard. I don't suffer clowns, I haven't been around clowns, but I have enjoyed them from afar. But not as far as outer space.

Guest: dead television pioneer and comedienne,
Lucille Ball

Wine reviewed: Cockburn’s Port (Portugal)

Episode #6

AbumartShow2 Food and Violence

Do they work together? Are you kidding? This show worked out great from the album art by photographer Tracy Ducasse to ...

Guest: dead TV chef Julia Child
Wine reviewed: Dan Akroyd's Cabernet

Episode #5

AbumartShow2You and Your Body

Let's get physical. Or is that “body” as in: what will I do with this corpse on my floor? Rest assured the show does not reference Weekend at Bernies (except for right there).

Guest: dead German film director Leni Riefenstahl
Wine reviewed: Big Tattoo Red

Episode #4

AbumartShow4Special Fashion Issue

Everybody's crazy for a sharp dressed man.

Guest: dead fashion designer Gianni Varsace.
Wine reviewed: Black Ankle, Passeggiata

Episode #3

AbumartShow3Noir Couples

Love that film noir…but only the really happy ones. If there is singing and dancing and love mixed in with the hardboiled talk and criminal underworld then alright. But if it ends up with the pointlessness of life, I'm out! Leave that for the French.

Guest: dead Hollywood giant, director Billy Wilder
Wine reviewed: McMurray Ranch, Pinot Noir

Episode #2

AbumartShow2Show Bee

Save the damn honey bees! American farmers, stop growing all the damn corn and soybean! Grow some flowers, or other veggies. This show introduces Dead Air, a conversation with a dead luminary.

Guest: dead poet Sylvia Plath.
Dessert wine reviewed: Bug Juice (muscato di asti, Italian)

If they make a movie of my novel The Bell Jar, I hope to heavens that Julia Stiles is the star!�The ghost of Sylvia Plath.

Episode # 1



This is the first show. Our first pod-caper perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. The show contains many firsts as well as introducing The Juicy Truth wine review.

Guest Music Director: Joan Jett
Wine reviewed: Le Crema, Pinot Noir